"Since its opening four years ago, The Urgent Care Center of Richmond Hill has been the go-to place for my family’s immediate medical needs. From icky colds to pinched nerves and stingray stings, their medical professionals have always provided better care than we expected. From the first steps into triage to the follow-up phone call the day following each service rendered, their attention to detail and thorough care continues to impress."
-Paige Glazer, Owner, Richmond Hill Reflections, Richmond Hill, GA
Reflecting on Matthew
Posted on October 18, 2016

We are so proud of ALL of our ExperCARE team members, including the one who authored the following post on social media just before going into work as part of the Hurricane A team in the NICU at a local hospital.  She is an amazing RN with a heart filled with compassion for others and… READ MORE