J. David Carson, MD

Director of Occupational Medicine

A wealth of medical experience combined with a lifetime of memories in his native-Savannah home make Dr. David Carson uniquely qualified to join the team at ExperCARE.

J. David Carson, M.D. graduated from The Medical College of Georgia in June 1973. Following graduation, he spent three post-graduate years in the General Surgery residency program at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1976, Dr. Carson associated with DeKalb Emergency Group at DeKalb General Hospital in Decatur, Georgia, where he worked as an Emergency Department staff physician until 1983. During that time, he was named DeKalb County Fire Surgeon, the official title for the Medical Director of DeKalb County’s Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Carson also served as Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at DeKalb General Hospital.

In 1984, Dr. Carson and his family moved to Savannah where he joined Emergency Medical Group as a staff physician in the Emergency Department at Memorial Medical Center. During his tenure at Memorial, Dr. Carson was named Medical Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine. Memorial’s Level I Regional Trauma Center and hospital-based helicopter service, Lifestar, were developed during Dr. Carson’s early years at Memorial. During that time, he and his colleagues worked closely with Drs. Carl Boyd, Frank Davis, and Gage Ochsner in establishing standard protocols for the care of major trauma victims.

In 1997, following his 22-year career in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Carson transitioned into the field of Occupational Medicine, a medical specialty in which the treating physician manages injuries and illnesses which occur in the workplace. After 18 years, Dr. Carson continues to practice Occupational Medicine, overseeing and providing care for employees who have experienced on-the-job injuries or illnesses. His focus is rendering medical care that maximizes rapid recovery and minimizes time away from work. In many instances, the employee is able to be treated and continue to work without interruption.

Dr. Carson was named Director of Occupational Medicine and Associate Medical Director for ExperCARE in 2015, where he will oversee the Center’s Occupational Medicine practice and lend his expertise and more than 42 years of experience to provide the very best in sound, cost-effective medical care.

“Occupational Medicine requires doing what’s best for the patient while also interacting with the patient’s employer to attain the best possible outcome,” said Dr. Carson. “By providing this service at The Urgent Care Center, employers now have an excellent alternative to using a hospital Emergency Department for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses that occur in the workplace, both during normal business hours as well as after-hours or on weekends.”

Personal Summary:

Today, Dr. Carson and his wife of almost 37 years, Debbie, live in Savannah along with their two children and two grandchildren. Having been born and raised in Savannah, relationships and reputation mean a great deal to Dr. Carson, qualities which are evident within minutes of meeting him. His genuine personality, common-sense thinking and sense of humor help explain why he still remains close friends with neighbors and classmates from his childhood. “In 1879, my great-grandfather, John A. G. Carson, started Carson Naval Stores, a turpentine manufacturing business in Savannah; my father was born and raised in Savannah; I was born in Savannah, grew up here, and I’ve raised my family here,” stated Dr. Carson. “Savannah is home to me and always will be.”